10 Healthy Habits to Start in 2021 – Change Your Habits to Change Your Life

Let’s talk about some healthy habits that you can incorporate into your life, especially coming up on the new year. New habits to bring into 2021 I’m not gonna tell you. Make your bed because you already know that thes air 10 habits that I incorporate into my life in 2020 that changed me, made me better and habits that I want to bring into 2021 toe level up our lives.

The first healthy habit is to dedicate a day each week where you do something for yourself or do something that makes you happy. I feel like life is constantly like a dog chasing its tail. You know, there’s always something else to do, something you need to get done. And I think sometimes we don’t give enough attention love to ourselves. So setting aside some time if you only have time for a few hours each week, maybe you have time, maybe 10 minutes a day. Find something that really brings you. Joy makes you happy. It’s not for work. It’s not for school.

Habit Number two is The End and start your day off with gratitude. There is a lot different ways you can do this. Some people like to journal. Other people like to just think about it in their head. I’m usually this one. I do want to get more into actually writing it down, because I just think waking up and being grateful for things and ending the day It just really makes you happier. Person Don’t get me wrong Things can suck no matter how bad things get, there’s always something that is going right. If you don’t know where to start with this, I kind of started this tradition with my boyfriend where if your face timing or if we’re saying by at night or texting, the last thing we tell each other is three things we’re grateful for that day, and you can start small with the basics like saying your family, your friends in your home. But once you start with that, I think it’s better to dive deeper like Who are you grateful for and why you grateful for them? Are you grateful for naps on your carpet in the living room? Once you really start honing in on the minuscule things that usually get overlooked, you become a happier person. I’m grateful when my dog is walking in the rain, and then he does like the shake. It’s so cute.

Habit number three, Document your memories, Whether it’s photos, a journal for scrap book is really what is your preference? I am such a nostalgic person. I love creating memories and also remembering them. So I think there’s a lot of moments that are really awesome. And then you forget about it, Whether it’s in a few months or a few years, you forget about it. And what I started doing is writing in my journal. If something really awesome happened that day, even if it’s just like a little entry and I’ll look back and I would have totally forgot about this memory. But you get to kind of relive moments through it, and it just made my life better. I consider making memories a healthy habit and documenting them, because if you’re having a bad day, it’s kind of reminder that things do get better and that there are good days ahead.
Number four is to create a morning routine for yourself. This was my main goal for 2020 and I have done it and you can do it too I’m going to do a morning routine soon because it is just amazing. I look forward to my mornings now when I used to just want to stay in bed all day. How you start today really sets the tone for how your day is going to go. Humans are also just creatures of habit and routine. So, having a set morning, one having a set night one can really help to elevate and change your life. You don’t have to love the morning.

Time to have a part of your team Number five and one of my favorite ones is do a 10 minute clean up every night. It would be five minutes 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes. Start small because usually when we set super broad goals for ourselves, it can get kind of daunting to Do. Basically, what you’re gonna do is before you go to sleep, whether it’s in the midst of your night routine or right before you go to bed, clean up your space. I pretty much just have my room to take care of. But if you have your own apartment or house, pick your stuff up off the floor, wash the stuff that’s in the sink. No one wants to wake up to that whenever I wake up to a mess. I’m just like, No, no, no. When you have a clean space, you have a clear mind. You can move up the amount of time that you clean. I just feel like once you get started, you want to keep going instead of stuff piling on and on and on, and you only have one set day to clean the house. You can do little five minute, 10 minute cleans that can really add up and make a difference that you don’t have a huge mess on that one.

Number six, Put your legs up the wall. You might be like able what you’re talking about. I learned about this when I used to do volleyball back in the good old day. Whether you’re an athlete or not, you should do This is so, so good for you. Basically, all day when you’re walking around just doing your everyday average normal life stuff, you’re obviously on your feet. You’re doing things, and by the end of the day you’ve been on your feet for however many hours. There’s a ton of benefits. Try it out, especially for someone who works out a lot or you’re on your feet a bunch. I promise it will change the game.

Number seven. Replace your screen time with something else. It could be reading, writing, painting, drawing something that isn’t on a screen. One. All these things are good for you. It promotes creativity. Sometimes we get so sucked into what’s on our phones when there’s better things we could do with our time that make us feel better. I have lowered my screen time by hours, these air to recent fiction books that I was absolutely in love with. I have ah highlight on my instagram for all of my recent book recommendations, if you want to check that out, one of my main tips if you want to focus on reading and not get distracted by phone, is putting your phone in another room and so much more productive and happier after I’m done reading versus After I’m done scrolling on my phone because usually it’s just mindless scrolling. You guys know how it goes. Do that Mauritz good for your brain and were not meant to be staring at screens all the time. So if you want a lawyer screen time, that is one of my biggest tips.

Habit Number eight is incorporating movement into every day. It could be big or small. It’s still an accomplishment. I think sometimes the act of like working out can be so scary, not scary, but kind of dreadful. Sometimes we make ourselves believe that we need to do this crazy. Our hit workout run a few miles, but any type of movement is good for you. It could be something big like that if you’re into that, but it can also be something small. I just think one of the most important mindset shifts tohave is instead of being like I have to work out, think of it as you get toe workout. Thinking about that has made me so much more motivated, and it’s trimming me, grateful for the body that I have bigger, small movement is a movement, and our bodies were meant to move. We feel good when we move. No one ever regrets a workout. Rest days are just important. As days that you work out.

Number nine be more present moment. This is one of the habits that I am really looking forward to working on in 2021 because I think so much about the future. Sometimes that I forget that life is here and now the future doesn’t even exist.

And when you think about the future too much, that’s when you can get really anxious and worried for it when the only moment that’s really is right now and that’s what we need to focus on number 10 last, but definitely not least is to take care of your body, whether that’s stretching, focusing on your posture, eating healthy foods, taking care of your skin. I feel like sometimes we feel to realize that this is the only body were ever gonna have our one true home, and it’s important to take care of that. So taking care of your mental health, your physical health, that’s all super important and sometimes it gets neglected. Make a list. That’s definitely something that ideo I’ll put down in my to do list. Make sure you stretch do your skin care. I have a ton of body care things, so I have like this AC you pressure Matt that so much with the blood flow and like muscle tightness.

It’s so nice who I have this foot roller, which sounds a little weird, but it’s just like this ball that I roll my foot on. And I don’t wanna talk about feet more than we have to, but it’s important to take care of them all. You dio put this on the ground and simply roll your foot. These air also so nice because you basically do this except on your feet and it spreads out your toes. These are my favorite feet products. Obviously you guys know we can eat clean. We can drink a ton of water thing. Stuff is good for you. Drink more of it when you’re taking care of your body and yourself, you feel good.

So those are things I’ve been trying to dio I’ve been trying to, like focus on my posture because I don’t wanna have superb back problems on, um older. So you gotta take preventative action. Sometimes I’d rather be proactiv to something rather than reactive. And that is all the healthy habits that I wanna incorporate into my life in 2021 that I have incorporated that have already changed my life.