These days, web hosting is the unseen foundation of the Internet. Every site you visit is hosted somewhere and your site needs hosting too. One of the best solution available to you is cloud hosting. There are many cloud hosting providers which help you work more efficiently. This article will provide you 2 best cloud hosting providers you can opt for.

There are many cloud hosting providers which help you work more efficiently

Firstly, we will see the best cloud hosting providers at a glance. The long and short of HostGator and Bluehost are the best entry-level hosting platforms in the industry, and the same applies to its cloud plans.

Regarding HostGator, it is the best all-round cloud hosting provider in the game right now. Its cloud service meets the same high standards, providing flexible and affordable hosting. HostGator has all the essential features. Uptime is 99.99% across the board, and all plans come with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to keep your data secure. By spreading the load across multiple servers, HostGator’s cloud options can be up to twice as fast as its shared plans. This adaptability also makes it far better equipped to cope with spikes in traffic. Shared hosting limits you to the resources of a single server; cloud hosting is the sum total of network of servers. HostGator’s customer support is peerless, which is particularly important for something like hosting. You can have 24/7 phone and chat support, as well as an extensive knowledge center. The breadth of plans available give HostGator serious scalability because you can scale up cloud plans as you grow, but you can also move to another type of hosting with minimal fuss if you want something more powerful further down the line. HostGator’s pricing is one of its major draws. Its most expensive plans are cheaper than other cloud hosting providers’ cheapest plans. There are 3 plans you can choose: Hatchling cloud with $4.95/month as starting price, Baby Cloud with $6.57/month as starting price and Business Cloud with $9.95/month as starting price. You can have a 45-day money back guarantee.

Next, we will see Bluehost with reasonably priced, rock solid, clean you – it’s everything a web hosting provider should be. Like HostGator, Bluehost ticks all the essential boxes. The uptime is a near-perfect 99.98% and SSL is again included with all plans. Bluehost’s hefty tech team are always working to get more out of their resources, and it shows in the speed. Bluehost lets amplifying up your plan as your traffic grows. You simply ramp up the resources available to your sites and ramp up your payment accordingly. Fluidity is invaluable in web hosting, and Bluehost’s cloud plans offer plenty. Like HostGator, Bluehost has 3 plans: starting price of Starter plan is $6.95/month, Performance plan is $8.95/month and Business pro plan is $15.95/month. You can have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

So, how do you choose the right hosting provider? There are several key factors to consider when selecting a cloud hosting provider, but we can list a few key things for you: your budget, customer support and money back guarantee.

In conclusion, cloud hosting is a modern and reliable form of hosting and it’s no wonder you’re interested in it. We hope this guide helps you to go on the right direction.