How to Sell Final Expense Insurance 2021

I’ll be going over some very important things, including face to face versus tele sales, the type of people that we market and sell Thio startup costs for your new business, the income potential for a final expense agent, the type of lead you should be working the process and the type of activities that you’ll be doing along with the commission levels that you will absolutely need to be successful in our industry. Let’s start with the income potential of a talented, hard working go getter of a final expense agent. You’re gonna need good commission levels, the best products, plenty of startup funds. And I’m gonna go over all of this shortly. And as long as you have all of this, it’s actually not very hard to make over $100 per year. And let me just be clear, by your second year in our industry.

This thing has all the sales materials that I use during my face to face final expense presentation. So most agents, most life insurance agents or final expense agents earn about $50,000 per year, just like your average worker bee in any job. And that’s just because most people are actually afraid to invest their money into the more expensive leads and all honesty. Well, most folks really aren’t very good at sales. You’ll need around. I want to say, to toe maybe $3000 to get started in the final expense industry. In this business, if you expect to be better than average, that’s about what it costs to get 22 maybe 30 Direct mail leads rolling in every single week for face to face sales.

If you’re serious about being successful, you will work. Direct mail leads right from the start. Selling final expense over the phone is totally doable, however.  It’s a lot harder than face to face sales to you really wanna work and in down live transfer or TV lead like the one that we have. And the problem is, since those things they’re not easily available. You’ll have to work a lot of Facebook leads, most likely or telemarket leads. Yeah, You really need to have a special personality to be successful at selling anything over the phone. For any agent that is willing to commit to a weekly leads program, we start the agents out with 100% 1st year commission even higher. In some cases, you know, if the agent is already a proven life insurance producer, other companies might start you lower. In my opinion, you’re not likely to be successful if you’re paying for leads and your main carriers
or paying, you know, less than 100% 1st year commissions a lot. A lot of companies. It’s like 60 to 80%. So let’s go over the daily activities that are successful. Final Expense Agent Will Dio If you’re doing final expense Tele sales, you’ll basically need to be on the phone around five, maybe even six days a week around. I want to say around at least 6 to 8 hours per day. That’s literally the Onley activity you’ll be doing as a tele sales agent. This is why our agents have access to those TV leads I mentioned earlier. You know, we’re the one where the client sees the TV commercial and picks up the phone and calls in for a quote. And you are live agent answers for face to face. It’s a lot different. You’re typical face to face agent will either Dornoch the leads and basically that’s it. No calling the set appointments just a lot of door knocking, at least for the first couple of months or so.

When your new it really is important to Dornoch, all your leads for the first few months. While you’re getting through the learning curve, you really want to become a door knocking master before you go calling your leads to set appointments. And at some point, you wanna have a mixture off, you know, phone slash office days where you spend all day long calling through the leads over and over, like eight or 10 times a day. Booking appointments while you’re taking care of your paperwork and maybe doing service work with your clients, along with the field days where you go out to your appointments, you door knocked the leads in between the appointments. A typical final expense sales presentation. It’s gonna take around 40 minutes, maybe an hour when it’s a sale.

The goal for every final expense agent is to be working around 40 fresh direct mail leads every single week. That way, you have enough leads to spend at least 2 to 3 hard core solid days on the phone, setting up appointments, booking your days up, and that we have like to at least 2 to 3 days that air booked up real good. Here’s three rules that every successful final expense field agent should live:
Always work, Direct mail leads to elite is never dead until the client kicks you off the property or buys the insurance from you and Three all your cancelations.

Whenever someone cancels, you’ve got to go to their house and save the cancelation. Save the sale face to face by doing a price drop close. You’re basically you need to do everything you can to save your cancelations. If you live by those rules and you’re a talented sales professional, you could be very successful in our industry.

And after years of doing this, when you add in, you know all the renewal income you can easily make over 150 maybe even over $200,000 per year. It all comes down the work ethic and, like the saying goes, hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Now get out there and do something good for someone today.