Methods to against heat for cars

If you do not want to damage your new car on hot days, please apply as the new car info and methodsbelow to maintain your car at good condition and prevent it from damage by sunlight in accordance with many best online new car buying sites,  new cars online sales and car listing websites.

The sun shine which shines directly onto the car will cause paint color fading fast and other parts of the car are also prone to damage. Therefore, to protect your beloved cars during such hot summer days, drivers should keep in the head a few methods below.

Avoid parking direct under hot sun

Instead of parking directly under the sun we should find a shady spot with shade or sheltered place. This is one of the easiest methods to apply. Because of the fact that direct sunlight will cause exterior paint color may prone to peel and fade away. In the case of mandatory parking in the sun, you can lower down the window slightly to allow air to circulate. But remember that you should not let glass down too much, because it is not safe.

Use sun protecting film layer for car

This is the best solution that we should equip for glass doors of the car a protective film layer in summer. Currently in the market there are many kind of sun protecting film, you could easily select type of film matching the needs as well as your financial capacity. This film layer methods works to reflect sunlight backwards to help protect vehicle efficiency.

Use canvas which is specially to avoid sun light

Another way to help you protect cars during hot days is using sun protecting canvas when parking in the street. Here is a way to protect the car in summer days which is quite effective. In case you can find any tree shade to park your beloved car or even a sheltered spot, then you should apply it this way.

Heat – resistant by paperboard carton and old newspaper

Paperboard carton or old newspapers is also a heat-resistant material for automobile in summer days. So, after you finish reading newspapers do not just throw it away, let’s put it in the trunk and use them in case of need. These items also help automotive to protect from sun light for quite effective.

Leather wrapped for car seats

Some researchers say that the material which is made of plastic can emit several carcinogenic at high temperatures. Meanwhile, the material chairs in leather or imitated leather have the effect to reduce heat and harmful gas having in the automobile. Therefore, you can select the suitable type of material to upholstery such as leather or fabric to cool the cars.

Regularly washing the car

Wash the car regularly not only makes the beloved car always be new, but it also helps to reduce the risk and prevent damage in the summer. However, you should remember not to wash the car in direct sunlight. Because hot metal will easily dry soap and water mixture which stick on the car, you should be aware of this when washing the car in the summer.