Razer Book 13 Review: The ALMOST Perfect Laptop

Windows Laptop manufacturers have been on a roll lately, and Razor just took it to a whole another level with their first productivity laptop, the Razer Book 13. It’s almost like razor washed ourself 13 review and fixed every single complaint that we had making this my new favorite Windows laptop. I do think it’s worth the extra price over the XPS 13 for two reasons that will cover in just a bit.

In this review, I’ll tell you everything they fix and improved along with one absolutely horrific change they made, which makes no sense at all. And it could be a deal breaker for some people. Along with that, I have to make a few comparisons to the new M one Mac books, since those have made a huge bang in the market and even dedicated Windows fans are being tempted to change. But I’ll save that for the end. Starting off the build quality used to be great with older razor laptops, but this time it is amazing, with no chassis flex and some parts that used to be plastic are now actually all aluminum coming in at a total weight of £3. I only have two minor complaints here. One is that the display is tough toe open with one hand. A deeper groove would have made this much easier, and the other is that there’s random glue residue on both sides by the ports, even though it was brand new, which is really off putting on a $1600 laptop.

The Razer book is only sold in their great looking Mercury color, and because of that, fingerprints are no longer an issue, at least on the chassis itself. On the left side, we have three ports. Ah, USB type C Thunderbolt four Port, a standard USB port and a headphone mic combo Jack, which I really like being on the left side, since it doesn’t get in the way when I’m using a mouse. Thankfully, we have another thunderbolt for poor on the right side, which was one of my complaints in the past. So I’m really glad that razor finally added another one. So you still have a powerful port if you connect it to a GPU. We also have an HD my 2.0 port for connecting to displays without having any limitations and a micro SD card reader. Now. Personally, I would much rather have a full size SD card reader. But micro SD is more flexible, since you could use an adapter in regular cameras. And, of course, it is much better than what Apple offers.

Powering this machine is a new slim 65 watt USB type C power brick, which is so nice after the huge chunky ones in the past and then also means that you can power it from either side. Taking a look inside the keyboard looks and feels great. We have razors, usual customizable RGB lighting, which I don’t really care for personally. But on the bright side, the back lighting is very bright, which you kind of need for white keys, which also show much more dirt than Blackie’s. As for the keyboard, feel it is very good, so much better than what Razor used to offer a few years ago. Now, personally out, rate it just as good as Apple’s new magic keyboards, which puts it slightly behind the new Dell XPS 13. The keyboard, the non two on one model, which is my favorite with that, said Razor, has a winner on their hands, and most people would be thrilled typing on this laptop. And below that, we have a massive apple like track pad. Just over a year ago, Razor had the most frustrating track pad that I have ever used in a premium laptop. And now it is one of the best in terms of Windows laptops matching up to the new XPS 13, which is fantastic.

For this massive upgrade on the sides, we have speaker grilles which no longer use a cloth cover. So they both look and feel more premium. And then at the bottom of the laptop, we have this THX sticker signifying that the speaker should be fairly high quality. Unfortunately, that is not the case. At least out of the box. Go ahead and take a listen to yourselves. Compared to the cheaper MacBook Pro. Yeah, it is that bad. I don’t know how this kind of sound is coming from a premium laptop. I know that razor speakers were never really good in the past, but the razor blades stealth, not Onley sounded better, but it was much louder as well. We have no base. The mids are very thin and the high frequencies are way too sharp. And then the volume cuts down as soon as there is any base in the audio leading to probably the worst laptop audio I have heard in many years. And that just makes no sense because razor made dedicated speaker enclosures that sit on rubber mounts, which many companies don’t do.So why is the sound so bad? I looked into the settings and found a special menu for the THX Special audio, and I was able to disable that which fixed the crunchy highs and the volume modulation. But then, at the same time, it made the speakers way too quiet for normal use, which is a bummer. Now you can crank up the EQ you all the way, which does increase the volume. But then the sound quality goes down by a fair bit. I don’t know how they could have messed this up so bad when, just six months ago, I praise them for the speaker upgrade. Now, if you use headphones and won’t be a big deal, but for me, this is my Onley major complaints. So let’s hope that they could fix this in software.

On the plus side, razor absolutely killed the webcam and microphone. It was pretty good last year, but Razor took a clue from our current situation and they doubled the microphones to a total of four, all of which are front facing and the 7 20 p Webcams processing is also fairly good. Here’s how it compares to the new XPS 13. This is the microphone and webcam quality of the Razor book in a fairly well lay route. And this is the webcam and microphone quality from the 2000 and 20 Dell XPS 13. And to make it even better, it also supports Windows Hello, which we love so logs you in as soon as you open it. There’s no need to enter password or touch a fingerprint sensor. And now let’s get into display where Razor once again made major strides. Ours has the 1200 p touch screen panel, so you do lose out on some sharpness compared to the four K model. But with that, you also gained about 3 to 4 hours of battery life, which is a worthy trade off if you work on the go. I’ve always complained about the massive vessels and chins on razor laptops in that the 16 by nine aspect ratio wasn’t great for productivity. And now we have a beautiful 16 by 10 display, which not only gives us more real estate, but it also gets rid of that ugly chin. And because of that, we also have super slim bezels on the sides. Apple, please take notes for the 14 inch MacBook Pro.

Now these changes alone would be enough for us to praise razor, but they didn’t stop. Their brightness went from an average 315. It’s to a class leading 500 minutes, and with that, reflectivity was also really cut down. So this machine is perfect for use in bright rooms and outdoors. And if that wasn’t enough, the viewing angles are also super wide. At 178 degrees, smoking apples displays. My only complaint, as far as the display, is that we don’t have the D. C. I. P three wide colors that Apple and Dell are offering. So if you’re a high end photo or video editor wanting more than SRG be on the internal display, keep that in mind. And now let’s finally get into performance in the razor Book delivers with the best on the gold performance you can get in an Ultrabook. Aside from going with one of the new M one Max, our model has 16 gigs of RAM, which isn’t upgradable, and a 256 gigabytes. SSD, which is about half of what the competitors offer for this same price. Now, thankfully, it is super fast storage, beating out the new max even a half the capacity, and with that, it is very easily upgradable. So for about 200 bucks, you can pop in our recommended two terabyte SSD, which is even faster.

Taking a look at CPU performance the top and 11 Gen I seven Intel processor performance about the same and get Bench five as the competitors like Dell, that are also using the same chip Now, of course, we would expect that, but what we didn’t expect is how the Razor Book performs when we unplug it. The performance did not go down like most Windows laptops. It actually went up a little bit. And yes, we did make sure all of the throttling options were turned off on that Dell This means that when you’re on battery power, the razor smokes the Dell. And not only that, the new vapor chamber cooling runs cooler and quieter than the XPS as well. Because of that under 100% CPU load and Sina bench, the Razor book is able to run faster and scores significantly higher than the XPS 13 when we unplug it. The performance does drop this time, but even unplugged the Razor performs close to the Dell with that being plugged in graphics wise, The Razor Book performs really well, scoring about 1000 points higher than the same exact GPU and the Dell when looking at Geek Bench.

And it also gets a nine frames per second mawr in G FX benches gaming test thanks to the better cooling. Now, of course, the more expensive, high end Razor Blade 13 with a dedicated 16 50 t, I has more graphics power, which could definitely help as long as you keep it plugged in to get the full performance. And along with that, the new MacBook Pro with the M one chip also beats out the Razor book not only in terms of graphics as you guys can see here, but also in CPU performance as well. With that, it also runs quieter, thanks to the CPU. Onley needing 13 watts of power compared toa over 25 watts. And because of that, the Mac will get about double the battery life as well, doing the same tasks. So is it worth buying the razor book If you’re somebody that doesn’t need Windows? No, not really. And even though the razor book is the best windows ultrabook, the max still beats us faras display track pad performance, and it is actually cheaper as long as you don’t want a massive SSD. But of course, many people need or prefer windows and having the ability to hook up multiple external displays and also hooking up PGP, which can really boost your graphics performance when you’re at your desk. Those are all things that the M one Mac books can’t dio. So if you’re in the market for a windows ultrabook, the Razor book is an excellent machine, and in my opinion it is the best windows ultrabook, and as long as you don’t need good speakers built into the lots of itself, I would highly recommend it now if you don’t need windows.