The TV models of Samsung and LG cost as much as houses do

Samsung and LG both are electronics manufacturers who always face off in most realms of businesses. Namely, these are home electronics and smartphone. If we take notice, we easily will see when Samsung release any new products, his rival LG immediately manufactures a comparable product to compete. This tech race has lasted for more than 50 years and it seems to be no sign of reducing heat. Here we will introduce you some TV models of two tech giants coming from Korea.

SAMSUNG UA110S9 – 110 inch costs more than $ 150000.

Up to now, this is the most luxurious television that Samsung has ever produced. With the television S9, Samsung deserves the title of the world’s No. 1 TV producer.

Samsung UA110S9 TV launched in 2015 made strong impression on tech lovers by a 110-inch screen and a powerful 4-core processor. At that time, 3D technology was growing and of course, Samsung UA110S9 also equipped with the advanced technology. However, if you want to own this perfect product, you have to spend a huge amount of money – $ 152000.

At this price you can buy a luxury car or a luxury apartment.

LG 105UC9T – 105 inches more than $ 80000

Although LG doesn’t own the title of the world’s largest TV maker like Samsung, this company isn’t inferior to its rival when launching the LG 105UC9T. This TV model proved to be different to Samsung UA110S9, evenly, outstanding in terms of some aspects because it owns the IPS screen resolution of 5K 5120 x 2160 pixels – the highest now.

The 105-inch screen of the TV delivers crisp, clear images. Not only does the LG Tru-Ultra HD Engine Pro technology optimizes contrast but also enhances image visibility at its best. Especially, it comes with Harman Kardon’s 7.2-channel surround-sound speaker system with up to 150W as well as active 3D technology that will provide viewers with an authentic and enjoyable experience.

If you have a chance to own one of them, would you like which one to put in your house?